Tropical Paradise Skin Polish

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Let’s try to encourage the sun by buffing up tired, winter skin.  Our delicious Tropical Paradise Skin Polish is made with lots (and lots!) of organic virgin coconut oil (how I love its delicious aroma!), a fabulous solid oil that provides a high moisturising capacity for all types of skin. Luxurious macadamia nut oil also has a high profile in this scrub; its chemical profile is very similar to human sebum giving it a great affinity with the skin providing moisturising and protective properties. As we love raw shea butter, you’ll also find a smidge of it here.
We then add sweet orange, lime and litsea cubeba essential oils to give a citrus twist to the natural coconut aroma. Finally, the scrubby effect is added in the form of sugar crystals, just enough to exfoliate gently. Apply before stepping into the shower; the sugar will then wash away leaving the conditioning oils behind for you to massage gently into your super-soft
skin. The tropics in a jar…


Tropical Paradise Skin Polish WM (1024x837)