The making of Citrus Fire

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This is a soap designed and entered for Amy Warden’s Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge Club.
This time, it is the ‘Holly’ swirl, based on the wonderful technique shared by Holly Bailey of Missouri River Soap Co. To put it simply, the design consists of a swirl within a swirl.
My first attempt at this Challenge gave rise to my ‘Lavender Storm’, swirled with muted black, grey, white and lavender. While very pleased with it, I decided to have another go with brighter colours and a clearer pencil line. This time I chose contrasting red and white, swirled together and poured into a yellow base, topped off with a mica pencil line and a layer of contrasting white (and, of course, much fun to be had in the swirl on the top!). The colours seemed to call out for a citrus-type blend, but with a little extra as well.
I love this silicone mould – I am a total convert to the tall slim soap – so simple to use with excellent results; many thanks to Missy at The Moulds Shop!
Many thanks as well to Amy for the Challenge and to Holly for the inspiration  — in Stonesfield.