The soaps that appear on this page are newly-made soaps, not ready for sale just yet, but here to give you a taste of things to come.  Cold process soap requires a minimum cure time before use.  This allows saponification to be completed and for excess water to be lost from the soap by evaporation; the less water remaining in the bar, the harder the bar will be.  Stonesfield soaps are cured for a minimum of 3 weeks and usually more. Soaps are listed according to how recently they were made; the newest soaps first.

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‘Citrus Primula 2’

Citrus_Primula_2_three_lineWM (1024x614)


A second batch of our lovely Citrus Primula.  This time, I have emphasised the underlying swirl more than in the previous batch with a greater colour contrast.  The flowers, as well, have a more ‘orangey’ tint than the original batch’s yellow to lift them up more.  This soap was videoed during its making, so I will (eventually!) upload the video to our YouTube channel.

Date made-  28th February 2015
Ready from-  18th March 2015

‘Vintage Rose’

Vintage_Rose_4_red_3bar_WM(1024x969) (800x757)Vintage_Rose_4_pink_3bar_WM (1024x962) (800x752)

‘Vintage Rose’, now cut and with its crown of rosebuds. I couldn’t decide on the usual pink rosebuds or smaller, deep red ones, so I decided to use both.
Made with lots of goatmilk for skin conditioning and creaminess, this soap is further enriched with wonderful rosehip oil, creamy raw shea butter and tussah silk. The natural colour comes from two types of rose clay and its delicate floral scent is headed by beautiful rose geranium essential oil.

Date made-  1st January 2015
Ready from-  26th January 2015



Valentina_group_WM (1024x899) (800x702)

‘Valentina’, with a (rather wobbly, in some instances!) pink heart in cream sitting on a base layer of rose clay with a charcoal pencil line. This soap is enriched with beautiful raw shea butter, flaxseed oil and traditionally pressed walnut oil with tussah silk, rose clay and coconut milk. The aroma is a blend of floral and spice essential oils including lavender, ylang ylang, rosewood, clove and bergamot.
Unfortunately, the activated charcoal still clinging to the sides of the mould during the top pour decided to make its mark on the top of the bars around the edge, hence the rather annoying black dusting on the surface of some of the bars. It’s an aesthetic issue only, so won’t affect the soap in any way, but it still bugs me.
Made: 29th December 2014
Ready from 22nd January 2015



‘Tahiti Tiaré’

Tahiti_Tiare_2__WM1024 (800x758)


This is a remake of ‘Tahiti Tiaré’ for Valentine’s Day. Gorgeous Monoi de Tahiti is the featured oil in this soap – a beautifully fragrant enfleurage of the Tahitian gardenia, or Tiaré flower, in virgin coconut oil. To complement its delicate natural scent, I have added an essential oil belnd that includes ylang ylang, bergamot, frankincense, rosewood and chamomile. This gentle soap is enriched with lots of raw, creamy shea and cocoa butters, skin-conditioning cold-pressed hemp seed oil, goatmilk yogurt, coconut milk, tussah silk and kaolin and rose clays.
Made: 27th December 2014
Ready from 20th January 2015



‘Spa Bar’



One of our best sellers, ‘Spa Bar’ has it all: sea salt, Dead Sea salt, Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, Dead Sea mud, kelp, spirulina, aloe vera, green tea, tussah silk, activated charcoal, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil…and with a fabulous essential oil blend that includes lemongrass and rosemary.   This is a bar to savour in the shower.   We have plenty of the current batch still available in the shop:
Date made:  22nd December 2014
Ready from:  20th January 2015


Castile soap selection

Pure_Castile_WM (800x586) Rose_clay_castile_WM (800x571) Honey_Castile_WM (800x599) Green_clay_Castile_WM (800x600)

Pure as it comes and super-gentle on the skin, Castile soap is made from 100% olive oil.  We currently have four types of Castile curing:
Pure Castile;   Goatmilk Castile with pink clay;    Goatmilk Castile with honey;    Goatmilk Castile with green clay

The first of these is only made with olive oil and water, no milk, so is the least allergenic of all our soap.  The rest are made with locally produced goatmilk and goatmilk yogurt, the combination of which adds to the creaminess of this ultra-mild soap.
Due to its mildness, Castile would be suitable as a baby soap.  As with all Castile soap, this requires a much longer than normal cure time before it is ready – the longer the better.  So, this one will be sitting on the curing rack for at least 7 months.  Yes, that’s months, not weeks.  Like fine wine, Castile improves with age so if you can bear to wait for a year, it will be even better.
Date made: 29th November 2014
Our Castile selection should be ready at the end of June 2015.